This is a gallery of our Path Team work from

January 2021 to the end of December 2021.

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16/12/21 - Limekiln Woods, Short Woods (T50 route)

02/12/21 - Hutchison Way, alongside Wrekin Golf Course

18/11/21 - New Works - Path at New Works alongside Falcon House to the meadow behind New Works village

04/11/21 - New Works - Path from Huntington Lane to the meadow behind New Works village

21/10/21 - New Works - Path from Short Woods (T50 route), and bridleway opposite

07/10/21 - Christine Avenue boardwalk, and M54 path

02/09/21 - Rushmore Lane, Allscott, Tiddiecross,

                   and Bratton Lane.

19/08/21 - Wrekin Link

05/08/21 - Steeraway, White Cottage alley, and

Boardwalk steps

15/07/21 - Woodlands Avenue, Sunnylands,

Bratton Road