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Our  regular 1st and 3rd Sunday Walks

Please see our past events page for details of where we have been.  Entries here are now just for walks that are atypical for us.   There are usually pictures of our walks  on Facebook. 


We had a choice of 2 walks on March 6th, our usual  2 pm walk which looked for daffodils in Dothill  plus an all-day excursion to Chirk as part of Hope House Hospice's fund raising walk.  The route for Chirk is here 

  • On  November 12th we joined with Radio Shropshire  to organise a Walk and Talk event in Dothill.

  • We walked the Wellington to Telford part of Slow Ways route ShrTel2 on November 6th.

  • We held bluebell walks on May 1st and May 7th, The latter was part of Wellington Festival and we were happy to welcome many who had not walked with us before. 

  • February 20th 's walk was a  rather wet Snowdrop Walk to a new venue for us, Eyton Hall.  Have a look at Facebook to see how we fared. 

  • In early February we took a 'hop' to start our walk at Horsehay and visit the newly restored Lawley Gate Well. The route is here


3rd October  2021  Another Little Dawley 'hop'.

Naomi led this circular route from Little Dawley.  We visited the grave of the 8 young men killed in the Springwell pit disaster before turning South to the Woodside Community Orchard , then up to the Old Wynd before making our way through the older parts of Lightmoor  to the Wellington and Severn Junction Railway which we followed until we returned to the T50 route back to the car park. The odd diversion was an unsuccessful search for the old canal bridge, to find it we should have continued to the watercourse before Wide Waters itself and turned left . See this excellent publication.

Here is the route.  There are photos  here


1st  August   2021  Little Dawley 'hop'.

Malcolm led this circular route from Little Dawley.  We visited Horsehay

Here is the route, except we added a walk around Horsehay Pool

There are photos  here


6th  December   2020  National Tree Week.

Naomi led this circular route from the leisure centre.  We visited Dothilll nature reserve.

Here is the route

There is a  photo here

2nd August  2020

Naomi led this circular route from the car park on New Works Lane.  We visited Smalley Hill nature reserve which was new to most of the walkers. Here is a version of the planned route with turn by turn audible directions:
We actually did a slightly longer route as we were well ahead of time, so we carried on past Maddocks Hill quarry then went over the shoulder of the hill to rejoin the route:

There are a couple of photos here


5th July 2020

We continued our cautious restart to activities.  Malcolm led this circular route from the Leisure Centre, via Bowring Park and Powder Lane, crossing Murphy’s field then cross country through Sunnylands and The Wrekin Link and into Dothill LNR. Here they took some of the lesser paths but still visiting the new sign posts (no excuse for getting lost in the reserve now) and found  ‘The Woodpecker Monument’ – see the photos here.

Returning by doing an almost complete circuit of the lake now the path at the Severn Drive end is fully open, then past Dothill Pool and across the playing field off Parklands and Crescent Road.

The route can be seen here:

21st June 2020

We made a cautious restart to activities by holding a booking only, socially distanced, walk. The walk was advertised to the mailing list. We followed the T50 up the Ercall, including the top loop, then, still on the T50, went round to the quarry floor. There we decided we were happy to do a longer walk, so we came over the Dairy Pits and back across the golf course. The route is here (Distance 4.77 mi | Time 2:16:50 | Pace 28:39 min/mi | Elevation 724 ft ) we were held up a bit by mud, which wasn't too bad, after the wooden walk way towards the Dairy Pits finished. Without the walk way we wouldn't have attempted it in the current conditions.  There  is a photo here.

March 15th  2020

A 'hop' to Leegomery.  Photos here.
The full route can be viewed here.

February 16th  2020

A snowdrop walk to Apley Woods.  Photos here.
The full route can be viewed here.

February 2nd 2020

A walk to Steeraway, then Arleston Village then  through Ketley Dingle and Leegomery .
The full route can be viewed here.


January 19th 2020

A walk to Hadley Park Locks and back visiting Apley and Leegomery.    (5.15 miles).  Route:  click here    Photos here.

January  5th 2020

A 'hop' to Stirchley Grange car park , then a walk to Randlay Valley and Telford Town Park (4.7 miles).  Route:  click here    (Note:  it was a walk not a run. )  Photo here.


March 17th 2019

Daffodil Walk. They  used the Shropshire Way/T50 to Dothill Pool and then continued to Apley Woods through the Apley Castle entrance to the terraced gardens then straight on to meet Silkin Way/T50 to Leegomery where we did a circuit of Leegomery Pool. They returned via Grainger Drive to the PRH roundabout then took the path through the green space opposite Charlton School and headed back to the centre along Whitchurch Road and through the churchyard. They saw lots of varied daffodils as well as blossom and other Spring flowers.  Route:  click here    Photos here.

March 3rd 2019

Walk in the rain to Arleston to  use a path cleared the previous Thursday.    Route: Please click here. 

February  17th  2019

Snowdrop Walk 2. Cound.   Short walk of about 1.5 miles . Photos here.   Route: Please click here. 

February  3rd 2019

Snowdrop Walk 1. Circular via Leegomery and Apley   4.8 miles . Photos here.   Route: Please click here. 

January  20th 2019

Ercall Circular via Hampton Hill and the Ercall quarry then return  using  more or less the T50 50 Mile Trail  from the Buckatree onwards  3.5 miles . Photo here.   Route: Please click here. 

December 2nd 2018

Ketley Circular using the T50 50 Mile Trail anticlockwse from the Cockshutt to Paddock Mound  5.8 miles with a shorter 4 mile  option . Photo here.   Route: Please click here. 

November 4th 2018

Admaston Circular using the Shropshire Way to near Allscott then returning via Wrockwardine. 4.65 miles    Please click here

May 6th 2018

Bluebell walk for Wellington Spring Festival.

Over the Ercall onto the slopes of the Wrekin.  5.25 miles.  Photo here.

Route: Please click here

February 4th  2018

Leegomery and Apley via Dot Hill.  4.9 miles

Please click here

January 7th 2018

 Lime kiln woods Circular. 4.6 miles.

Please click here

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