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2020 news

2020 was a difficult year for everyone but we managed to keep on walking and path clearing for most of the year. 

All our walks from June onwards were booking only.

We have been walking again since Sunday 21st June, with a break for the second lockdown.  See our regular walk routes page for more details of some of our recent walks. Our December 6th. walk was in conjunction with  National Tree Week . Our December 20th  walk was entitled "Gnomes on the Ercall".

We have started path clearing again but on a more ad hoc basis please see our paths page for contact details. 

Our 2020 AGM was held on 29th October by Zoom. We have a new committee member but there is still one vacancy. Please let our secretary know if you would be interested in  being part of our team.


The 2020 Wellington Walking Festival,September 14th to 20th  has now finished , we were able to go ahead with the walks. The litter pick and our 10th Anniversary celebration were  cancelled. 

We think it went well, here is a report,  the programme and photos.

Contact us for bespoke advice on getting to work on foot or by cycle.  We know Telford quite well as walkers and cyclists, and, if we don't know your part of Telford, we have friends that do.  You could use Facebook, email or our contact form We can produce a map as a line on an image, a gpx file or with audible instructions for a smart phone app.


We are encouraging people to keep walking using our walk leaflets see here. The leaflets are usually also available in Wellington Morrison's. This page also has links to other people's pages or leaflets.


We started 2020 with a 'hop' to Randlay Valley and Telford Town Park. then Hadley Park Locks, then Limekiln woods and Alreston. The snowdrop walk was moved to Apley.  Since restarting walks in June we have visited, among other places, The Ercall, Dothill,  Apley, New Works, Horsehay  and the Hadley Park guillotine lock. See the gallery and the routes page.

The 2020  Wellington Walking Festival was held from September 14th to 20th, we were able to go ahead with the walks. The litter pick and our 10th Anniversary celebration were  cancelled. 

Our walks were exempt from the "rule of six" , see the September national news letter for our justification for this.


The  main theme was "Wellington's Ways"  we  used all the named routes that pass through or near  Wellington at least once during  the week.  There were other walks too and 2 showings of "The Way" at Wellington Orbit.

The  printed programme is here, it was  available from shops in Wellington including Morrison's, Seaton's, Perry's, Bath Bombs,  Wellington Station and the Halfway House on The Wrekin. They were also in the Museum of the Gorge and the Toll House on the Ironbridge.

We think the week went well. There are several posts with photos on the Facebook page and many of the photos are also here,

There is a report from the secretary's perspective here

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