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Longer routes passing through Wellington

  • The Telford T50 50 Mile Trail is a route devised in 2018 to celebrate Telford's 50th anniversary. It joins most of the green space in Telford, passing twice through Wellington. 

  • The Shropshire Way has been  rewaywarked as a figure of 8 with  a 120 mile Southern circular route which pases through Wellington and was launched during our walking festival in 2017. The main route is now way-marked using a white buzzard symbol on a orange background. The local section now comes from Rodington, through Allscot Mill then Bratton and through the centre of Wellington. it then ascends the Wrekin, crosses the summit, continues over Little Hill and descends to a minor road which it follows to Little Wenlock. A 70 mile Northern main route circular, also based on Shrewsbury, with a spur to Whitchurch was launched in September 2019. 

  • The Hutchison Way is a 17.5 mile (28.5km) route from Wellington to Newport. It is named in honour of late former Chief Executive of (the then) Wrekin Council, David Hutchison. It is way-marked using named maroon arrows on a white disc. The route starts outside Wellington Town Civic and Leisure Centre. It goes to the foot of The Wrekin, skirts the base of the Ercall and continues via the Golf course to Steeraway Farm. It then heads off in the direction of Telford Town Centre.

  • The Silkin Way is a 14 mile (22km) walking and cycling route, partly on the line of old railway tracks, running across Telford from north to south. It starts at Bratton, just north of Wellington and goes through Dothill, passing just behind the Princess Royal Hospital on its way to Leegomery. It eventually arrives via Telford Town Centre, at Coalport in the Ironbridge Gorge. It was given a major refresh with new signage, seats and cycle parking in 2023.

  • The Hope House Way is a 335 mile (539km) long-distance walk through mid Wales and the Marches. It is a circular route, with its official start and finish by the Community Clock in the Market Square in Wellington. The route was created by the Rotary Club of The Wrekin in order to raise funds for the Hope House Children's Hospices. The start of the route ascends The Wrekin, and continues down the ridge on the Shropshire Way route. It follows the Shropshire Way towards Little Wenlock. The end of the route also passes over The Wrekin.

  • See also the Telford & Wrekin Borough Council page  for details of the Perry Way and the Ironbridge Way which pass close to Wellington, and other walks.

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