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Wellington Walks- Route  C

Ercall Wood Nature Reserve

TThe total length of this walk is approximately 4 miles (6.5 km) or 3 miles (5 km) for the alternative walk.

This is Walk C  on Wellington Town Council's double sided leaflet  

Map of the route.
Map of the shorter alternative route

(GPX files can be downloaded from the above  links too)
The apparently slightly odd deviations around the motorway bridge are due to losing satellite coverage- the routes go under the motorway.
The numbers on the routes are the approximate mile markers.

The Route

From the station ticket office take the road up towards W.H.Smith, turn left go through The Square, keeping to the left of the black and white building.


Carry straight on up Tan Bank. Cross Victoria Road and continue through the pedestrian access into Tan Bank. After about 30 metres take the brick footpath on the right. Cross the next road (Roseway) and take the footpath immediately opposite. Carry on past the allotments on your right and Sunnycroft (NT) on the left.


Cross Holyhead Road by the pelican crossing going ahead into Golf Links Lane. Continue and pass under the motorway.

Immediately turn right to follow the signposted footpath. Go over the footbridge. Follow Shropshire Way markers which  Keep to the wider main path which rises slowly along the side of the hill. Near the top there is a path which descends steeply from the right. [Alternative shorter walk avoiding the very steep section: turn right here, continue uphill to the ridge and turn right. Continue following the instructions from ** below.] Bear left here onto the descending path,  still following Shropshire Way  way-marks. Continue between a slab wall on the right and a large concrete drainpipe on the left. Follow the path around the bend and take the left fork to descend into the quarries, still following Shropshire Way  way-marks.


Continue on the path through the quarries. About 25 metres before the gate onto the road, there is a path on the right which leads down steps to a footbridge. Take this path, cross the footbridge and go up the other side. (To the left a path leads to the Buckatree Hall Hotel.) Turn right to continue the walk. After a short distance bear left up the hill. Where the path levels, turn right and follow the very steep path uphill to the summit. Bearing left at the top.

[**] Continue straight on down the ridge, now following the  pink Telford T50 50  Mile Trail  way-marks, bearing right to descend to the footbridge. Re-cross the footbridge and retrace your steps to Wellington.


If you find any obstructions or problems on our local paths please tell us. We can't promise a speedy resolution, but the more evidence we have of problems, the more pressure we can exert.

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