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Copies of all the guides in the Wellington 360 series,  as well as the new version (October 2019)  of the original Wellington leaflet are  available below .

In normal times they are all available in print  from Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre. Currently they are on the windowsill behind the checkouts in Morrison's in Wellington. 

Also included are links to other Wellington walks from other organisations. 


See here for links to linear walks passing through Wellington.


Scroll down further for 3 iFootpath walks developed with Wellington  LA21

 New Version Wrekin Forest Walks and Town Map 
Published by Wellington Town Council, with input from LA21,  Love Wellington, Wellington History Group and from us, the leaflet gives a flavour of the history of the town on one side and details some 10 local walks , in all directions from the town on the other.

New Version  Northern Walks  Leaflet

Five walks to the North of the town, ranging from 3.5 miles to 5 miles.

Paths in New Works

We have produced a guide to the rights of way in New Works, these have changed considerably since the open cast mining.

New VersionWrockwardine Walks Leaflet

Seven walks from the village of Wrockwardine, ranging from 1 mile to 7.75 miles.

The Shropshire Way through Wellington

We produced a guide to the Shropshire Way as it passes through Wellington.  This information  is now also available on the Shropshire Way site. 

New   Links to Routes from other organisations

Stage  4- Part 1 of the Telford T50 50 Mile Trail 

This is an easy 4.7 mile  circular walk from Wellington.  See here for the pdf  . Leaflets for the whole  of the trail can be downloaded from here  and the book can be bought by post for £7 (including postage) from here or on Ebay.

Circular walks based on the T50 are being added to the Telford T50 50 Mile Trail website here.

Little Wenlock Bench Walks

See here for a map to the Little Wenlock Bench Walks- the total distance is 2.3 miles but shorter routes are possible.


Wellington LA21 Heritage Trail

Walking with the Ancestors   A heritage trail around the town. Also has links to other LA21 routes.

Wellington History Group

Wellington Back in Tine Walk A heritage trail around the town. 

Wrekin Forest Trails 

For a map to the Wrekin Forest Trails waymarked routes see the files section of the  Wrekin Forest Trails facebook group

For  other walking  and cycling maps for  Telford see Telford and Wrekin Council's website here 

We have been helping  Wellington LA21 with their project to produce 3 walking routes around Wellington on the iFootPath platform.


The routes are now  live:

Wellington, New Works and Wrekin Forest


Wellington, Wrockwardine and Dothill


Wellington and The Wrekin

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