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Wellington in the County of The Wrekin (formerly in Shropshire) was awarded Walkers are Welcome status in June, 2010.

Walks from Wellington. Walk B: Around The Wrekin

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Map showing alternative routes.
This version shows the return route over the Wrekin summit, followed by a crossing of the Ercall summit. This adds 2 short steep climbs and about half a mile to the route.
The Wrekin

The total length of this walk is approximately 7.5 miles (12 km) the alternative routes are slightly longer and include 1,2 or 3 short steep climbs.

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This is Walk B: Around The Wrekin on Wellington Town Council's double sided leaflet (warning 3.5MB download)

The Route

From the station ticket office take the road up towards W.H.Smith, turn left go through The Square, keeping to the left of the black and white building. Carry straight on up Tan Bank. Cross Victoria Road and continue through the pedestrian access into Tan Bank. After about 30 metres take the brick footpath on the right. Cross the next road (Roseway) and take the footpath immediately opposite. Carry on past the allotments on your right and Sunnycroft (NT) on the left. Cross Holyhead Road by the pelican crossing going ahead into Golf Links Lane. Continue until just before the bridge under the motorway.

Take the signed public footpath to the right. Continue until you reach the next bridge over the motorway. Cross over the M54 to where Ercall Wood begins. Take the path on the left of the road. This takes you along the edge of the Ercall Wood Nature Reserve. The path joins Ercall Lane by the Buckatree Hall Hotel. Walk carefully along the road until the next road junction. This area at the foot of The Wrekin is called the Forest Glen. Cross the road, go through a large gate into the wood. Take the track which leads gently up.

At the sharp bend where the main track turns right up the hill, leave the main track and go straight on. After about a mile, take the right fork onto the signed permissive path (do not take the descending left fork). Cross the path that goes very steeply up to the summit. [Alternatively, turn right here to ascend to the summit and then follow the main route down to the Forest Glen.] Go straight ahead, on the gently descending permissive path. At the next junction turn right, by the permissive path signpost, onto the public footpath. Where the path forks, take the left fork. Continue straight on, crossing the stile through the old rifle range, eventually joining the road. Turn right onto the road, continue to the T junction, cross the road, climb the stile and go through the kissing gate. Continue on the path on the left of the reservoir. Turn right onto a wide track and reach the road. Turn left to the Buckatree Hall Hotel, then retrace your steps to Wellington.

The total length of this walk is approximately 7.5 miles (12 km) the alternative route is slightly longer and includes a short steep climb.
It is also possible to add in a crossing of the Ercall summit on the way out, the way back or both. See Route C for details of the routes over the Ercall.


If you find any obstructions or problems on our local paths please tell us. We can't promise a speedy resolution, but the more evidence we have of problems, the more pressure we can exert.

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